Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Word of the Year!

Hello All,

I know it has been so long since I have blogged. There has been a lot going on. But now since I am going to be losing my job on May 8th I will have all the time in the world to blog. Any way it is good to be back.

So here it is...... the word of the year is.............. BAILOUT!

The unfortunate thing about that being the word of the year is that every time I here it I throw up in my mouth just a little bit. Everybody needs to be bailed out. You know since I am a tax payer and I am the one paying for the bail out (pretty much) I would like to hire Dog the bounty hunter to go after the companies that got bailed out and aren't holding up their end of the deal.

Can you imagine Dog and his crew surrounding the corporate building of AIG. Leland and Duane Lee take the back to make sure none of the 73 executives taking the $160 million worth of bonuses escape out the back in their super expensive cars. Dog and his wife Beth go through the front. Dog gets a call......... it is a tip. They tell him that the executives have a private jet waiting to take them all on a retreat to the Bahamas that is going to be costing the tax payers $100 million. Finally the elevators open and here comes 10 of the execs. Duane Lee and Leland take'm out. The rest come willingly when they a mesmerized by the voluptuous Beth. While in the SUV's Dog tries to reason with some of them and tells them, "this isn't the life you want to lead. Do you really want to steal from the tax payers? The hard workers that bailed you out when you couldn't get your sh** together."

If you don't watch Dog the bounty hunter you probably won't get this all but when it comes down to it I just can't stand to hear that we bailed out a company 6 months or so ago with billions of dollars and now they are passing out $160 million worth of bonuses just to 73 executives in the company. These are the same executives that let the company get into trouble in the first place. But don't worry people, we may not be able to make them pay the bonuses back or even tax them on it but we learned a lesson. Yep that is what we are getting. We learned our lesson so that MAYBE it won't happen again. Wow! I feel so much better! Do you? ( I really hope you can feel the sarcasm in that)

Well until the next time

Much Love,

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