Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I have a truly blessed life. I first and foremost thank God for all of what I am about to be thankful for.

I am now for my first thanksgiving a married woman! I didn't know if that was going to ever happen. LOL. I have a wonderful husband that supports and loves me for who I am and wonderful new in-laws (who are cooking a very good dinner right now for us). Don't be surprise......... I haven't gotten this whole cooking thing down yet. Just ask my sis what I did to mac n cheese one time. LOL

I am so thankful for my parents. They are truly wonderful people. My dad is a great guy and I am thankful for having him and that he is all done with his treatment and in the clear. My mom is very strong and I know that is where I get it from. She has always been there for me and I wouldn't be the person I am today without her influence.

I am so thankful for my sister. She is the person I have always looked up to. She is my hero as corny as it sounds. She is an awesome mom, wife, sister, friend and person. And I am the lucky one that gets to call her sister. Any person that gets to be in her life is truly blessed.

I am thankful for all my new blogger friends. They are so sweet and always make me feel so good to read their blogs and the comments they put on mine (yes JennyKate and Lisa I am talking about you).

And at last I am thankful for not having to go to work today. I don't have to sit in my cubicle today and count the minutes as to when I get to leave. So I am thankful that Thanksgiving is a national holiday and they have to give it to us off. My hats off to the Pilgrims.

This as been another confession but it definitely has NOT been from the cubicle.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Its only tuesday!

I wish that it was Wednesday! Because then it would be the day before Thanksgiving and the day when I get to go see Twilight again. Yes I am going again tomorrow night! I am so excited.

And let me tell you how extremely annoyed I was at work yesterday. This guy that I work with told me that he went to see Twilight over the weekend. First of all I was totally shocked that he went in saw it because he just doesn't seem like that kinda guy. But of course it was to impress a female that he took on a date. The whole day yesterday every time he walked pass my desk or I walked passed his he would say, " that was the worse movie ever made". I took the high road and just tuned him out. But I wanted to say a lot!

Anyway, for all you twilighters I read a article about the movie ( that my lovely husband found for me, he is so cute he sends me every article about it) and they say it didn't do as well as they hoped it would but they are still on track to make the rest of the books. The cool thing is that they are going to film 2 and 3 back to back. Of course they won't be released at the same time. So hopefully it all gets done. I guess the director Catherine Hardwicke is not confirmed for the next movies yet because she says if she does it she wants to do it right and not be rushed. My thing is that they can't tease us with the first movie and not do the rest. I would so start a petition.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


So it is the day after my sister and I went to see TWILIGHT. It was absolutely wonderful. I am going to see it again with my mom and my husband on Wednesday night. Yes my husband is going because he actually wants to see the movie (he is not jealous of Edward at all). I will probably see it like 5 times. And I decided I will read all 4 books again to pass the time until the movie comes out on DVD. I can't wait for the other movies.

So after the movie my sister and I took the kids to get their pictures taken at the mall. Let me tell you about that experience. Now I know why my sister was putting it off. When we got there, there was wait and I thought that was going to be the worst of our problems. Boy was I wrong! When it was our turn to do pictures we decided to do Allie's single picture first because we didn't know how long we had before she wasn't in a good mood. She didn't want to stay put and take a picture and my nephew and I were making the most ridiculous sounds trying to get her to smile. We probably looked like a bunch of idiots, but I didn't care I just wanted the child to smile. So we got somewhat of a smile out of her and then it was time for Anna and she was a perfect angel of course. But she loves to take pictures. It was then time for their picture together and that was a NIGHTMARE! Allie wasn't having it. She cried and threw things! Yes she threw things. I thought we were going to get kicked out of Kiddie Kandids. So then the photographer said, "maybe she wants to sit on a stool". That was the magic! It worked! So all I had to do was keep her happy while Melissa wrapped up the picture process. That made me break out into a sweat. But I have to say to Little Allie's defense she is teething. So it was finally all over with. Then there was the car ride home! Anna and Michael fighting in the backseat. OMG! So I had already knew this before but I will say it again. MY SISTER IS AWESOME AT HER JOB! DOMESTIC GODDESS IS WHAT WE CALL HER. I just hope that I can be a fraction of the kind of mom she is. And she pretty much does it on her own cause my brother in law is only home on the weekends. SHE IS SUPERWOMAN. I think I might buy her a cape.

Love you all! Hope you enjoyed this confession.


Friday, November 21, 2008


So I just got done reading my sister's (crazydaisy) blog of Friday confessions and I was literally laughing out loud people. She cracks me up.

Yes today is the day........... the day for TWILIGHT! I take pride in the fact that I got my sister and my mom to read the books (even though my brother in law probably wants to kill me). So today I am leaving work early so that I can go see my movie. And I don't feel embarrassed at all to say that I took some time off work to go see this movie. This is how bad this Twilight mania is..... a co worker of mine started reading the books after I told her about them and she is going to see the movie tomorrow with a girlfriend, but she would like me to text her as soon as I get out of the movie with what I think of it. ITS CRAZY PEOPLE. WE HAVE ALL GONE TWILIGHT CRAZY. I have currently collected some magazine and newspaper memorabilia for my friend blogger Jennykate. YES JENNYKATE I HAVE SOME STUFF FOR YOU.

I can hardly contain myself in my cube right now people. I only have a couple hours till I will be watching my movie. So that means I only have an hour of work left so I really should quit messing around and finish my daily work.

This has been another cubicle confession moment.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Bless you

Okay so it has been awhile since I have blogged. I really shouldn't let it all build up like this. First of all I try to blog when I get home from work but I was so peeved today that I had to blog this morning from WORK.

Let me start with the person in the office that has no manners. Since I started in this group this has been going on. This person sneezes and I say "bless you" and they say nothing. Okay this has been going on for a year. And it is already annoying that most people in the group don't even say bless you when you sneeze. But to not say "thank you" is just utterly ridiculous. What happen to manners in today's society?

So back to the person that doesn't say thank you. One time they brought their kids to work and one of them sneezed and there was a bless you and then................................... nothing. So now we have come to the conclusion that this person has passed on their terrible manners to their kids. Well the reason I am blogging about it now after a year is because today there was something new. Sneezing was brought up as an office topic this morning and this particular person actually said, "I don't need blessing". CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I could not. I was shocked. First of all buddy in today's crappy world everybody could use a little blessing. So I have a dilemma I can go forward from today and just save my blessings for people who appreciate it or I can continue to bless everyone. After writing this out I have decided that I will continue to bless everyone because that is the kind of person I am. So "bless you" to all the bloggers out there and remember to bless everyone else.

Just another post of cubicle confessions


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that today is Thursday. Why you ask? Because tomorrow is Friday and it is the last day of the week that I have to go to work. I can tell you how work was today just by telling you all that I applied for 5 jobs today. Yes 5! I cannot stand it anymore. If I haven't mentioned it before the product that I work for is winding down. In real people language that means we are all going to be out of a job soon. But here is the thing they need the employees they have to wind the product down but yet they don't want it to look that way. I don't ever feel safe in the corporate world today. I never think that a company needs me even if I am the best employee ever. And I have to say I am pretty good. Just kidding, I am not really stuck up like that. Any way since it is thankful Thursday I do have to say that I am glad that I have a job because I know there are people out there that don't and our having a hard time because of the economy right now. But I hear there is CHANGE coming. So we will see what that brings us. Well that is all for now. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Friday! I know I will.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is the day we have been waiting for! Go McCain/Palin!

I don't know about all of you but I can't wait until today is over. Can you you imagine TV without political commercials. "No on this and yes on that!"

Office and politics just don't mix either. Through this election I have told my fellow co-workers that if you don't share my opinion then don't talk to me about politics. That may sound mean but I am far far far from an undecided vote. And I tried to make that very clear in the office without getting HR called on me.

A couple of weeks ago I was in our cafeteria waiting in line to put my breakfast order in and I was debating on whether to have a breakfast quesadilla or just some eggs and bacon, when I overheard two people in front of me talking politics. And I hear the guy say to the gal, "John McCain doesn't even have a back bone." Wow! Was that out of left Field or what? Did the senseless idiot in front of me call the senator who spent 7 years as POW spineless? When I finally realized that I wasn't losing my mind and that he was a complete dummy I gave up waiting to order my delicious breakfast and settled for the oatmeal I had in my desk drawer. Yummy strawberries and cream.

You know I am a McCain supporter when that happens.

Well that is all for today........ this has been another blog of cubicle confessions.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Do I have a case of the Moondays?

So what is it about mondays that makes us just want to die? I am not sure but I can tell you that this Monday was no different for me. I actually never knew what the big deal about Monday's were until I got this job. So I guess you can say that I have a case of the "moondays"!

Thats right! I work in the real version of Officespace. Where you get told the same thing over and over again just from different bosses. So instead of coming home everynight and complaining to my husband I decided to take my sister's (the crazydaisy) advice and blog it. So here starts the "Cubicle Confessions".

Today we are going to talk about office manners. What is the deal with people that don't know how to say "Good morning"? Are you kidding me that you can't take 2 seconds out of your work (really reading the newspaper or internet) to say good morning? And then when you break down and say it first all you get back is a "morning". Not even Good. But these same people have no problem hopping out of there cubicle to greet you when you are holding a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. So for all you officespace people out there try and greet your co-workers in the morning and you will notice out less hostile they are.

This blog was my first..... short and sweet. We will see how it works out for me but if all else fails at least my husbands ears are getting a break.