Monday, January 12, 2009

Catch Up

So this weekend I caught up on my DVR. All the shows were back on last week so there was a lot on there. I love my shows and I love that I can DVR them and watch them when I want and faster because I can fast forward through the commercials. I just have to comment on one show. I love my Grey's and I am sure most people that watch do. If you don't just bare with me. I just want to know how far they are going to take this Denny thing. I mean can we say WEIRD! At first I thought it was a segway into them making the Izzy character go crazy because the writers were going to punish her but then they just carried on like eat was just there like everyone else. So now she has a relationship with her ghost of her dead husband and her real boyfriend. So now on this last episode she actually told her real boyfriend Alex that she sees her dead husband and that they hang out and DO things together. WHEN IS THE MADNESS GOING TO END! Even the Internet is wondering "what the heck?". So I just need to vent a little about that because my husband was sick of me asking him, "where are they going with this and how long is it going to last?"

Well anyway I just wanted to jot that down for all the Grey's fans out there. For the people that don't watch I apologize that you had to be put through the agony of this blog entry.

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jennykate77 said...

YES...weird...weirdness to the highest degree! When will the Denny 'ghost' go AWAY. I'm with you, at first it was tolerable, but now it's beyond weird and terribly annoying. Be done with Denny! I ♥'d him while he was there...alive...but now...I don't ♥ him so much.

I'm so glad all the good shows are back on. My DVR is filling up fast. I was thinking this morning as I was watching the DVR'd Bachelor from last night, that I really prefer to miss my shows and watch the DVR'd version.

I always love your song choices. This Jay-Z song is so cool.

Have a great day!☺